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A New Life as a Barn
Frame and Raising Details
  • 18' x 36' with 14' sidewalls
  • Mortise and tenon joinery for wooden pegs
  • Hand Hewn 7 x 7 timbers
  • Rebirth happens on the Le Sueur County Pioneer Power Association grounds
  • A true BARN AGAIN story

Finished Barn Note the large swing-down door and the hay hood (the roof projection that looks like bird's beak that covers the hay carrier) that will be used for haying demostrations.
Barn Again SW corner of the barn that was given a new life.
Interior timber frame and added loft Interior photo showing the reclaimed vintage timber frame with new rough cut siding, rafters, roof boards, and new loft.
LSCPPA Sign In August, please attend the Le Sueur County Pioneer Power Association's show to see the saved barn being used in vintage haying operations.
Here is how the barn looked at its old location. Click on photo to see more old photos.
  • The timber frame was raised by RI.
  • The frame was placed on concrete piers
  • The siding was rough cut on LSCPPA's sawmill.
  • The metal roofing was installed by LSCPPA volunteers.
  • The barn will be used for hay handling demostrations.

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