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In 1992, I (Curt Richter, Owner of Rustic Innovations) attended a Log Home and Timber Frame show in Milwaukee, WI. I wanted a unique and rustic home and I believed that had to be a log home. At that show, I discovered the beauty and low maintenance of timber frame construction. I learned what I truly wanted was a timberframe home. As a degreed mechanical engineer, I fell in love with the exposed wood structure and open spaces that were available. I spent the next six years learning everything that I could about timber framing. I designed my own home and raised the 28 x 36 main frame in 1998.

However, having my own timberframe did not end my passion for timber frame construction but rather added fueled to my passion. For 3 years I improved my construction knowledge as a conventional construction remodeling production manager. During that time, I noticed that while driving down the road, I was drawn to old barns. I began to study their wonderful timber frame interiors and found that their wood was old growth wood with strength and qualities that new wood could not match. Finally, I had an avenue to release my passion for timber frames and in 2004 Rustic Innovations was born. Now, not only could I build timberframe homes, but I could rescue (by reclamation) beautiful antique barns.

My first barn that I purchased was located in Winona, MN. It had a wonderful history (100+ years old) and a soul that needed to be saved. My crew removed the roofing and siding and carefully disassembled the mortise and tenon joinery of the 30 x 100 barn. The beams were tagged and documented. The large beams were pressured and designed into a new 30 x 50 one-of-kind home.

Our search for the best barn frames has lead us to find some excellent log barn buildings. We now offer these buildings for customers wanting a home with a rustic feel with real logs. Our focus on barns, not houses, helps us find larger log buildings, many with less openings providing more option for reuse.

Rustic Innovations now has access to many frames and buildings so we are looking for those individuals with a similar drive to live in something that is unique and full of character. I would like to share our expertise and vision to create your special dream house from a wonderful old barn frame or log building. We also do barn and log repair.

Preserve history, recycle a threatened barn!


Barn Recycler Green Salvager
Curt B. Richter


Member of Friends of Minnesota Barns and the Timberframers Guild

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